Clothing shop

Colourful and unique handmade leather shoes and sandals, natural fabric clothing, Sterling Silver and costume jewellery and accessories is to be found in the New Found Out trading post on The Pennefather Complex premises.
This eclectic and interesting shop will entice you to stay and browse for that proverbial piece of gold. High-quality and unique goods are sourced locally and from around the world — offering an ever-changing selection of natural fabric clothes, handcrafted leather shoes, headwear, scarves, jewellery and gifts.


Golden Nuggets

Collectibles, homemade and old-fashions treats as well as Dutch delicacies.
Within the walls of Never Despair trading post (situated right next to New Found Out), visitors will be able to shop for their own treasure in the Golden Nuggets gifts and antiques shop. Get lost in the world of antiques, collectibles, porcelain, Persian rugs, old-fashioned sweets and feel transported to the Netherlands with the well-loved Dutch delicacies.
Come browse and be taken back to days gone by.